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Donald Trump and shouting at the T.V.

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Donald Trump and shouting at the T.V.

Postby SCRABBLER » Sat Jun 17, 2017 3:40 pm

I see one of the recent news items is about Donald Trump shouting at his T.V. in the White House.
I have to say, that sometimes I am guilty of such behaviour, especially when Interviewers keep on interrupting their so called guests. The Interviewer
asks the question, Guest starts to answer and then is constantly interrupted to the point when he/she cannot get a word in edge ways.
As a viewer, I am shouting "let him answer the question". Newsnight is particularly renowned for this sort of thing. Absolutely infuriating!!
It is almost as if the Interviewer cannot get the answer they want, so they will keep on and on until they grind their interviewee into submission.
Anyone else feel as I do?
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