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Local girl in Junior Apprentice

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Local girl in Junior Apprentice

Postby CraftsbyCarolyn » Sun Jun 06, 2010 3:56 pm

I see that Hannah Cherry was from Clophill, and went to school in Harlingotn ... s-fair.htm

The latest contestant to be fired from the Junior Apprentice has spoken out about her time on the series.

Hannah Cherry, 17, from Clophill, was sacked after an art selling task during Wednesday night’s show.

The former Harlington Upper School student says she has ‘no regrets’ about her time on the Apprentice and believes Lord Alan Sugar made a fair decision.

She added: “I think I was fired because I didn’t go off on my own as the sub-team to show my independence.

“Looking back I should have stepped out of my comfort zone more and kept pushing.

“I did want to win and it would have been amazing if I did, I think that everyone in the competition does.

“But after meeting all the contestants it was hard to judge who would win but all you can do is try your best.”

Hannah, who learned the alphabet backwards at the age of two, was on team Instinct, which sold five pieces of art for a total of £2,247.30.

Meanwhile, Revolution made more than £6,000 by selling 12 artworks.

Lord Sugar told the budding inventor: “Hannah, you are a prime example of someone who is brilliant on paper, there is no question about that, but in the past four weeks I have felt you haven’t shown me practical skills.

“On balance, academic qualifications are important but practical application of it is the next step so I’m sorry to say Hannah - you’re fired!”

As she was driven away, Hannah told the BBC One show: “My one goal was to try my best and not have any regrets and I’ve left here really happy. I’ve had a taste of what it is like and I want to carry on.”

She is currently attending an IT and Business Academy as well as continuing her research on her invention.
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