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Ampthill versus Prostate Cancer

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Ampthill versus Prostate Cancer

Postby Charlie » Tue Mar 13, 2018 2:24 pm

MORE than 800 men living in Ampthill will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime.

It’s the most common cancer among men and the third biggest killer in Britain – with nearly 12,000 people dying from it every year.

So most of us will know a father, a brother, a son, other relative or friend who develops it.

But now Ampthill has become the first town in Britain to declare war on prostate cancer.

Every resident of our Georgian market town is being “mobilised” in an attempt to raise £20,000 over the summer for Prostate Cancer UK.

An organising committee, which meets monthly to co-ordinate activities, has been set up under the name “Ampthill versus Prostate Cancer”.

All the seven pubs are already involved in active fund-raising, along with the Wingfield Club.

And local businessman Steve Butler, 63, who is liaising with the national charity Prostate Cancer UK, says “We want to get all the town’s shops and businesses on side, along with sports clubs, youth groups and other organisations.

“We are also contacting local GPs and health professionals. In fact we hope to involve everybody in the town – to raise awareness of prostate cancer and also to hit our £20,000 target by the end of September.

“There will be all sorts of fund-raising activities around the town – from selling Prostate Cancer UK pin badges to holding darts tournaments or golf days-out.

“It’s not a competition to see who can raise the most. It doesn’t matter whether you raise £10 or £1,000. It’s about the town working together for a very worthy cause.

The Ampthill versus Prostate Cancer campaign developed after a bunch of regulars met up in the Engine and Tender pub for a few pints.

They had the madcap idea of raising money for the charity by buying clapped-out old British cars and doing a Brexit Tour of eight EU countries in four days.

“After that, things mushroomed,” explains Steve. “Ampthill might only be a small town but it has a unique community spirit and we’re hoping to tap into that, with everybody coming together.

“So we are very confident that we will raise £20,000 before we wrap up the campaign with a black tie, end-of-term. slap-up dinner for 250 people.”

Harriet Argyle, of Prostate Cancer UK, welcomed the campaign. She said: “The Ampthill versus Prostate Cancer campaign is absolutely amazing.

“Steve Butler has been an incredible support, as has everyone in Ampthill coming together.

“We are extremely grateful for everything they are doing to raise vital awareness and funds.”

Anybody wanting to help raise funds or get involved should contact either Steve or Engine&Tender landlord Ken Maguire on 01525 403319.

Alternatively call in any of the town’s pubs, buy a Prostate Cancer UK badge and speak to the landlords.
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Re: Ampthill versus Prostate Cancer

Postby SCRABBLER » Tue Mar 13, 2018 6:00 pm

Well done Charlie. I had a good friend who died of prostate cancer not so long ago, so I know what it means to any man who finds himself in this predicament.
Have you set up an Account yet for donations? I should only be too willing to make a contribution if (or when) you have.
Sort Code and Account Number plus Name would be helpful for those of us who can't "do" but can give. :Be
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